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Зашто изабрати нас

Future composites has a complete set of mature carbon fiber fabric, carbon fiber products and PMI production facilities and technology, strictly in accordance with the system requirements for personnel, equipment, raw materials, technology, environment, testing and other processes, full element control, product quality is stable and reliable . Future has used raw material sources, equipment upgrades, process improvements, management systems, and application scales to reduce operating costs and risks, and improve product cost-effectiveness and customer value. All these composites made by Future has been widely used in high-end equipment such as helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, radomes, and civilian fields such as high-way trains, automobile manufacturing, sports equipment, medical equipment, and electronic o.

       Future not only has the R&D, production, and inspection capabilities of composites materials, but also the high precision CNC machining cutting and fine grinding capabilities. Based on the understanding of the characteristics, evaluation methods and application methods of carbon fiber products and carbon fabrics and PMI foam materials, Future can provide pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services on the basis of understanding customer needs to help users shorten the development cycle and reduce application risks.

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